Award-winning, camera-based health
and wellness monitoring solution

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Transforming regular devices into real-time biomarker
scanners with medical-grade accuracy

Taking Control of Health
and Wellbeing with Vitals™


Collect key health indicators in 30 seconds using the camera of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Track changes over time to identify trends, detect risk factors and understand how lifestyle choices affect your wellbeing.


Take proactive steps to maintain or improve your health based on personalised insights from your data.


Widely compatible and quick to install on common consumer devices

Fully secured at all times with advanced data encryption

Medical-grade accuracy validated against FDA-approved contact-based devices


Boost sales with a branded, personalised health check tool

Enhance your
by incorporating personal health information

Stand out in your industry through innovation and creativity

Keep customers
with value-added products and services

Encourage a healthy work-life balance with customisable health reports

Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism by enhancing corporate wellness

Help your employees avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity

Take care of your employees by monitoring their vital signs and notifying them of risks

Manage your health and wellbeing with quick, easy and contactless health checks

Cost-efficient to use with existing smartphones, tablets and other devices

Health analysis reports that you are able to share with your healthcare provider

Avoid unnecessary travelling and queuing to use medical devices at the clinic

Monitor patients anytime, anywhere using a small
mobile device

Space efficient and
easy to carry
compared to
medical equipment

Easy for patients to
as a pre-check in
the clinic or for
monitoring at home

Track patient status online and receive customisable alerts



Which skin tones are supported?

Vitals™ supports natural skin types I to IV on the Fitzpatrick scale. Measurements for skin types V and VI are currently undergoing further validation.


How accurately does Vitals™ measure heart rate?

Heart rate measurements are accurate to within +/- 3 BPM when compared against FDA-approved measurement devices.


How accurately does Vitals™ measure blood pressure?

Blood pressure measurements are accurate to within +/- 10 mmHg.


Is Vitals™ a medical device?

Vitals™ is only intended for informational purposes during health monitoring and initial health screenings. The measurements provided should not be treated as medical advice or used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, ailment or injury. If you have health-related questions or are experiencing health issues, please consult a healthcare professional or medical expert immediately.


Is Vitals™ suitable for paediatric use?

Vitals™ is intended for health monitoring in adults. Results are currently not intended for paediatric use. However, paediatrics is part of our product roadmap.


Can I wear makeup during my Vitals™ check?

Light makeup will not affect the results of your health assessment. In fact, during clinical trials, makeup was found to aid the camera by limiting overexposure on the face.


Is patient data retained by Vitals™?

At PanopticAI, data security is our top priority. Therefore, we designed Vitals™ with strong security and data protection protocols. All data is encrypted and anonymised at rest and in transit.


Vitals™ SDK does not store any personally identifiable information. Even when Vitals™ SDK is integrated with Electronic Patient Records (EPR), a unique test request ID token is sent from the EPR system to correctly identify the patient’s data. Data is deleted as soon as it has been sent to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is not retained within our platform.


Can Vitals™ replace going to the doctor?

Vitals™ can be used by individuals who do not require constant or intensive health monitoring. It should not be used as the only method for vital signs measurement and is not intended to replace consultations with medical experts. The measurements are not for medical purposes. If you have health-related questions or are experiencing health issues, please consult a healthcare professional or medical expert immediately.