Vitals™ in Action Across Key Industries

Using regular smartphones, tablets and laptops,
Vitals™ measures core vital signs with medical-grade accuracy
in just 30 seconds, sparking innovative new applications and
producing valuable data for key consumer markets.

Vitals™ in Action Across Key Industries



Diagnostic Data for Remote Consultations

Telemedicine patients can accurately measure diagnostic data at home without needing to visit the clinic.

Monitoring Patient Health Trends

The dashboard displays health trends so caregivers can monitor their elderly patients and be alerted to potential risks.

Health check station

Socially Distanced Health Monitoring

Remote monitoring can limit unnecessary contact with patients and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Promoting Proactive Healthy Living

Anyone can check their health and wellness easily, so they can make lifestyle adjustments or seek medical attention.

Elderly care

Early Warning System

Vitals™ identifies health concerns and potential risks so caregivers can address them before they escalate.

Saves Time and Reduces Cost

Healthcare providers can monitor elderly patients remotely or do quick check-ups at nursing homes without medical equipment.


Underwriting / onboarding

Streamline Underwriting Process

Significantly improve the efficiency of the onboarding process to new clients while also reducing operational costs and enhancing customer convenience.

Reduce Operation Cost

Automating health assessment for the underwriting and claiming procedures can reduce manual operation costs.

Straight through processing

Remote Patient Monitoring

Keep track of the clients' health historical analysis to prevent clients from developing diseases with reward offerings for every goal achieved.

Monitor Health Issues with Real-Time Health Data

The system suggests actions to users based on prior historical health data and trend analysis, such as daily recommendations and medical appointments.

Renewal / cancellation

Provide More Personalised Plans

With the accurate 30-second health check, the insurer can tailor-made an insurance plan for each customer, thus lowering the likelihood of upgrades and renewals.

Boost Client Engagement

A real-time monitoring system integrated into the insurance app is accessible anytime to support client wellbeing and satisfy clients.


Employee welfare

Enhanced Productivity and Decreased Turnover

Data-driven corporate wellness programmes can help create a supportive culture and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Safer Construction Sites

Vitals™ can monitor the vital signs of construction workers and deliver alerts to help reduce health incidents.

Holistic wellness

Monitoring Fitness Regimens

The dashboard can help monitor progress, adjust intensity, realign goals and prevent injuries caused by excessive exercise.

Tailor-made Wellness Programmes

Vitals™ data can be used to design personal wellness programmes to help individuals reach their goals.

Mental wellness

Early Signs and Symptoms Detection

The early diagnosis allows individuals who might have or are already dealing with mental issues to seek early treatments.

Better Control of Patients’ Performance

Vitals™ allows providers to monitor their patients’ performance remotely and adjust their treatment plans when needed.