Health Equity

What is health equity?

Do you know what “health equity” means? It means that everyone should have the same chance to be as healthy as possible, no matter who you are or where you live. But right now, not everyone has the same chance. Some people have better access to doctors and medication than others. We need to work harder to make sure everyone has the same chance to reach the healthiest life.

Making things fair for everyone is not easy. It’s not just about giving everyone the same things. We need to make sure that everyone gets what they really need. Different people have different needs. So, we need to find ways to help everyone in the best way possible, especially in health.

Why is it important?

Everyone in the world should have the chance to live a long and healthy life, but some people do not even have access to basic healthcare services. This means they might need to take a very long ride or can’t get any help or medication at all when they are sick. Furthermore, healthcare demand is growing as populations age, and hospital waiting times can take years. Not to mention people who are different from others because of their race, language, or financial status they have.

How can this digital innovation support health equity?

Nowadays, owning at least one smart devices is very common. This technology development becomes an enabler to help closing the health inequity gaps. Using this digital health monitoring solution in the communities is able to enhance accesses to inexpensive and qualified healthcare services for everyone, especially for those who do not have easy access to health services. Besides, early deaths from non-communicable diseases can also be reduced through health risk detection at the early stage with the use of digital innovations.

Using technology can help us find out general health inequity and understand what cause them. This helps us make tailored plans to support special needs of the patient populations help people who are sick or might get sick. It’s like having a special doctor just for you. This is really good for people because it can help them stay healthy and not get sick. In long run, this generates potential values for consumers, employees, and societies.Patients’ healthcare journeys will be largely improved through technology. Your smartphone can help you do all the vital signs measurement and perhaps become your health partner too. You can also keep track of how you are feeling lately. This is much easier than using other traditional tools. It saves time and money as well.


Sometimes people are treated differently because of how they look, what language they speak, or where they live. That’s not fair. But thanks to the current rapid technology development, it will help us to make sure everyone can get good healthcare, regardless of any barriers. We want to make sure everyone can go to the doctor when they need to and feel safe and happy, with no one left behind.

PanopticAI Limited

Vitals™, powered by PanopticAI, is an award-winning camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution that makes measuring, interpreting, and managing personal health contactless, affordable, and as easy as smiling at a camera. Built on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and signal processing, Vitals delivers comprehensive digital biomarkers with medical-grade accuracy in under 30 seconds. It can be installed on common consumer devices and used remotely or in person, revolutionising remote healthcare, personal wellness, and much more.




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