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Vitals™ is an award-winning, camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution built on state-of-the-art AI and signal processing.

Our software suite transforms common consumer devices into real-time biomarker scanners with medical-grade accuracy, revolutionising remote healthcare and personal wellness for businesses and consumers.

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Remote monitoring and diagnosis

Comprehensive health info and actionable insights

compatible and easy to deploy

PanopticAI is an award-winning deep tech company headquartered in Hong Kong. Strongly rooted in the academic and scientific communities, PanopticAI powers the next era of high-performance solutions through scientific breakthroughs backed by academic and clinical research, addressing the challenges of today and meeting the needs of tomorrow.

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Seamless SDK integration

PanopticAI deploys Vitals™ as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that users can seamlessly integrate into their own applications.

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