Hong Kong entering a ‘Golden Era’ of I&T, with major career opportunities for talent from around the world


As some of the world’s biggest technology companies continue to announce mass lay-offs, Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) sector has countless opportunities for professionals who want to be right where the action is. The Hong Kong government’s 2023-24 budget signalled a clear commitment to establish I&T as an engine of economic growth, paving the way for the city to ride on the wave of a golden era of I&T development. With talent being an essential driver for this growth, Hong Kong is opening its doors to local and overseas jobseekers in gearing up to be a leading international I&T hub. With jobs in the I&T sector expected to grow exponentially in the next few years, Hong Kong is likely to require 100,000 I&T workers by 2030 – double the current number.


Although this tech boom is expected to create many opportunities, there remains a stereotype that the world of technology is exclusive to specialists working in a laboratory. The reality is different. Dora Wu, R&D alliance manager at Trinity Photonics, a company based at the Hong Kong Science Park, graduated with a degree in journalism and communications but was attracted to the dynamic I&T sector, which promised new discoveries and a chance to make an impact on society.


“You don’t need to be a techie to work in tech,” she says. “My role in the workplace is to act as a bridge between clients and our company’s technical staff, who provide solutions for optical networks. I would leverage my communications skills to translate customer solutions into business language, essential for managing client relationships.”


As a young professional herself, she advises young people from a non-STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) background wishing to pursue a career in I&T to explore roles that require specialities outside tech. As the tech sector has a high demand for talent, businesses are most interested in people from diverse backgrounds who are open to continuous learning and are highly motivated. In most tech companies, accountants, marketers, graphic designers, salespeople, communication specialists and project managers play crucial roles in creating shared value.


Indeed, a huge draw for working in the tech industry is the work itself, where people can live and work on the cutting edge. I&T focuses on breaking new ground, encouraging a culture of growth and advancement. The industry can offer a wide range of career paths across various sectors; professionals can pursue opportunities within the fields of biotech, fintech, artificial intelligence and robotics, working for either a start-up or a well-established corporation.


Kyle Wong is CEO and co-founder of PanopticAI – a start-up company also based at the Hong Kong Science Park that provides artificial intelligence technology to assist healthcare providers in remotely monitoring patients’ vital signs and other indicators. Wong has a PhD in bioengineering, and one of the most significant rewards for him in heading up an I&T start-up is improving people’s lives.


“Our technology solutions have the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and increase the accessibility of healthcare services,” he says. “We started PanopticAI with a mission to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to live a healthy life.


“Aside from the city’s low tax rate, supportive government policies and funding, Hong Kong serves as a strategic gateway to mainland China and other Asian countries, giving it a unique advantage in accessing the world’s largest markets. Its unique ‘East-meets-West’ culture will play a pivotal role in helping it become a city of innovation.”



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